Game developer with a passion for clean code,
mental health, beauty and most of all: people

Welcome to my website. Here, you can find many of the projects I’ve worked on, my contributions and what I’ve learned during their creation.

Proc. Canal Generation

During my graduation project at the HKU I worked on a procedural generation tool made in Houdini and implemented in Unity to generate canals inspired by Venice.
Procedural generation – Tool – Houdini

Game Jam Games

To improve our skills in short term projects, my team and I worked on small two-week projects for an entire semester.
Gameplay programming – Game Jams – C#


During my internship I worked at a company called Sensiks to create a VR experience for soldiers suffering from PTSD, to help them calm down during intensive therapy.
VR – Mental health – Internship

Daniel bezit alle vaardigheden en eigenschappen om zich te ontplooien tot een projectmanager / ondernemer op het gebied van game/software development. Gezien zijn duidelijke passie voor- en sterke focus op VR voor mental health, denk/hoop ik dat hij zich daar in door zal gaan / blijven ontwikkelen

Fred Galstaun CEO Sensiks (stage-begeleider)

Let’s make something beautiful together.